Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chocolate Milk Break

I sometimes have moments with my toddler that hint at the great friends I expect we'll be when she's all grown up. These moments have been a little less frequent lately since she's going through her "terrible threes" (the twos were angelic). Thinking part of the problem is the arrival of a new baby, I've been making extra time just for the two of us. So this morning we left the baby with the sitter and Sabrina and I were out and about.

Our first stop was Mother's Macaroons, an adorable little bakery and coffeeshop within walking distance of our home. We each selected a treat (guess who had the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and star sprinkles!) and drink (we both had chocolate milk) and spent a nice hour just sitting in a quiet corner chatting about our upcoming plans, books we've read, catching up on things that happened yesterday and who said what when. No whining, no tantrums, no demands or interruptions... just what you would expect from a date with a girlfriend you've been missing.


Ali said...

Sounds like a lovely morning - sometimes it doesn't take much to make everyone a bit happier.

Your bakery looks wonderful.

Courtney said...

I'm so with you, the two's were divine, the three's terrible. I'm working so hard to connect with Elliot. I'll have t try a special date with him. Two things that are helping me-- I ordered a few things from montessori services, a little knife, cutting board, etc. I think "helping" actually empowers him. Also, we joined our summer reading program too, and are working our way through the book list for the free waldorf preschool curriculum- the "family" module. The books are old classics, but model good family relationships.
Here's the link:

Laura said...

This sounds so cute! I remember seeing a mom on a 'date' with her toddler son at a NYC tea house during my first pregnancy and thinking, I cannot wait until my yet unborn child is old enough to do that! Thank you for remindng us to take time out with our babies. They grow so fast!