Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby Play

I mostly write about things we do with Sabrina, and that's for the obvious reason that she does a lot and needs to do a lot! Little Cassandra is still sleeping most of the day and nursing for long periods of time, so she presents a different challenge... what to do with those precious 15 to 30 minutes when we can actually "hang out." Here are some ways we've filled those moments:

*Doing baby massages
*Practicing using the peekaboo sling that I never got the hang of with Sabrina
*Reading some picture books with bright colors and simple messages
*Looking at our black and white books
*Learning what pitch of voice gets the brightest smiles
*Playing the "Body Parts" game: we stroke a body part and say its name--"Cassandra's nose, Cassandra's chin"--from head to toes and back
*Making up sweet and silly songs about Cassandra
*Introducing little rattles and small toys
*Modeling for lots of photos

1 comment:

Laura said...

I also remember taking out all our stuffed animals and making little shows with the alternating voice tones which also generated some smiles!