Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Have a Good + Happy Day

This blog is for modern parents of young children who want to create good + happy days for their families. Since becoming mom to Sabrina three years ago and Cassandra just two months ago, I've developed a parenting philosophy based on these principles:

1. Children are the ultimate artists: uninhibited, creative, interested in process not product, unattached to results. A good + happy day will include lots of opportunity for artistic expression.

2. A bored child is a child about to get in trouble. So keeping those days good + happy means coming up with lots of fun and interesting things to do.

3. Everything is more enjoyable with children when we focus on the child and task at hand exclusively. Multitasking leads to stress and trouble. A good + happy day will be filled with things fun and interesting for kids and their parents so neither loses interest.

4. Environment matters. Being selective about what we bring into your homes shapes our children's days as much as what we say to them and do with them. A simple, clean, uncluttered home filled with carefully chosen furniture, art, toys and books provides the perfect environment for good + happy days.

5. Not all activities are created equal. Hands-on, open-ended, creative, messy, and slightly challenging, seem to make for a good + happy day. Television shows, most dvds, craft kits that are too limiting or difficult, projects that take too long, and places that are too crowded or loud just make for cranky children and frustrated parents. Not good + happy.

So, what is a good + happy day? For me, it's one filled with creativity, exploration, art, books, laughter, simple healthy food, a tidy and uncluttered home, time in nature, spirituality, storytelling, cuddles, songs... as well as good naps and a reasonably early bedtime for the children. Ever on the quest for ideas on the elements that make my day good + happy, I've decided to record and share my finds in
Good + Happy Day
. Welcome! I hope you find my good + happy days inspiring.


laura said...

Really love the philosphy behind the blog, and am looking forward to many posts!
One small note for those of us who need a 30-mn TV break once in a while, Richard Scarry's DVDs (Counting and Busy People) and Charlie Brown's Christmas are a great, old fashioned way to cuddle up with your child,unwind, and learn some nice songs.

Good + Happy Day... said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! And I agree, there are definitely some very nice films and shows for children that I will be discussing and reviewing once in a while. Thanks for the recommendations!

Crystal Johnson said...

Aw, just found your site from a link on another blog I read from time to time. I am so excited she led me to you :)

I love your philosophy, your ideas and your way with words. I hope you don't mind that I bookmarked your blog for my daily reading.

Good + happy day (and night) to you!

side note...I have an 8 month old with lots of friends turning one soon---any creative ideas for first birthday gifts and parties?